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Keto Diet 101

Falling in love with a low-carb, high-fat diet is very easy. In fact, it’s one of the trendiest
eating patterns swirling in social media worldwide. The famous ketogenic diet.
The basic rule of it is inducing your menu with only high-fat foods and eliminating carbs, if
not completely, then as much as possible. People challenge their bodies with keto for a good
reason: eating only fat? Yes, please! Keto meals vary from grilled chicken, cheese, avocado
to an assortment of omelets and salmon covered in buttercream – we mean mouthwatering
meals. It’s bizarre that pounds start melting like those fats on the plate! 
The keto diet works two-fold, really. Firstly, it causes fat burn instead of demolishing carbs
and stored glucose. Keto is nice because you need energy all the time, and that energy
comes from excess fat stores on you. Secondly, keto suppresses hormones that stimulate
hunger. Doing this leads to feeling full quicker and not feeling that urge to eat when you’re

Amazing Health Benefits

Aside from the all-wanted weight loss, there are other multiple health benefits that include:
Reduced blood sugars and insulin levels. Most people think that by following a high-fat
diet, you can easily get a stroke or any heart disease with the amount of cholesterol you’re
indulging. As a matter of fact, a ketogenic diet reduces triglycerides (too many of them can
increase the risk of heart disease), increases levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, and reduces
blood sugar and insulin levels.
Reduced inflammation. If your diet regularly consists of highly processed carbohydrates,
your body will remain in a state of inflammation which over time can have a detrimental
effect on your immune system. The keto diet helps with that immaculately.
No more acne and migraines! What’s better than weight loss is the fulfilling feeling of…
liveliness and productivity. Being in a state of ketosis means that your brain will also be
using ketones as energy sources. Along the way, you will feel a sense of clarity and
improved concentration. Also, cutting carbs may affect your skin, indeed!

Side effects

We only ever read the positive results. But what are some negative side effects of a keto
diet, other than the temporary keto flu or rash? 
One of the most annoying and common ones – constipation. Okay, well, we’re stuffing our
digestive tract with cheese, red meat, heavy dairy… so it’s normal that one can feel pretty
backed up. Others deal with severe constipation ever since they start, which is normal when
your body is not adapted to high-fat foods at all.

The first weeks are the worst – your gut is not adjusted to a new regime, you’re upping fat
and protein intake, and you completely forget fiber, which helps pass the stool more
smoothly and regularly.

Recommendations to Avoid Blockage

A thing that would speed up your keto journey towards that dream body, skyrocket your
energy levels and give you a smooth transition not only to ketosis but to a regular bowel
movement would be fiber supplements.
Going to fat-adapted mode doesn’t have to be drastic, and to avoid extra straining, you can
try ColonBroom – a dietary fiber supp that will boost your keto results and help you get
through. It’s keto-friendly because it contains only 4g of carbs per serving, has no artificial
sweeteners, and completely banishes constipation, bloating, and protein build-up in the gut.
A crucial thing to not forget is to drink loads of water. This will boost fiber’s efficiency and
reduce the heaviness of the stomach from all that tough keto food.
NOTE: Expectation of “normal” bowel movement may be off. On a keto diet, you typically
produce less waste (poop) because your body is using the food you eat as energy. Less
volume of food is also a factor if you’re at a calorie deficit to lose weight. So when you switch
to keto, the bowels could appear every 3–4 days. It’s okay.

Bottom Line

The road to getting comfortable on keto is bumpy, but only because you’re changing the way
your body runs. If you go back to eating crap, you’ll go back to being fat. That’s the rule of
thumb of being consistent towards your goals. To ease discomfort bloating, you can try fiber
supplements – plenty to choose from! And remember, it’s just the first weeks that are hectic
– once you reach ketosis, boy-oh-boy are you in for some glorious health benefits and