Previously, the PC was the cerebral gamer’s preferred platform. It was the domain of deep strategy games like Civilization and StarCraft, as well as groundbreaking first-person shooters like Doom and Half-Life. In contrast, flashy action games were the domain of arcades or consoles. However, today’s personal computer can accommodate almost every gaming need. The finest PC games right now are jam-packed with high-octane action.

Determining the action genre might be a difficult task. Action games have a lot of violence, but they don’t fall neatly into the categories of fighting games or beat ’em ups. An “action-adventure” game may include narrative, exploration, or puzzle-solving components, but too many of these elements may push it into the realms of role-playing or adventure games. The lines are blurred, and interpretation is crucial.

Video game genres have become more fluid than ever before. This list focuses on PC games that prioritize adrenaline-pumping action above all else.

Enjoying Action Games on the Steam Deck

Action games are especially suited to Valve’s powerful Steam Deck portable. They work better with buttons and sticks rather than a keyboard and mouse. Anti-cheat features that can hamper competitive gameplay on the Steam Deck are not present in single-player sessions. Short, high-intensity bursts of gaming are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment. The substantial performance capabilities of the Steam Deck ensure that games can operate with the precision required for challenging gameplay at higher difficulty levels. While many of the games on this list have been Steam Deck confirmed, be sure to check compatibility using Valve’s tool before purchasing.

Here, we present the most outstanding PC action games available for download right now.

The Mech Warfare: Armored Core VI – Fires of Rubicon

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
$59.86 on Amazon

FromSoftware abandons the Souls series in order to revitalize its long-running mech-focused action franchise. Customize your mech to fit your playstyle, with rich RPG-like customisation and loadouts. Dash, glide, and blast your way through five action-packed chapters, battling robotic sentinels, mercenary mech pilots, and imposing monsters. Combat is an all-encompassing experience that incorporates aerial mobility into your basic repertoire. It’s a terrific pick for mech warfare fans who can handle the occasional severe difficulty spike.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City
Rated 4.0, $8.99 on Steam

The third installment of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy excels at balancing sophisticated level design with an open-world recreation of Gotham City for the Caped Crusader to protect. You’ll face iconic foes such as Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, and the League of Shadows. The game’s still-groundbreaking combat system makes dispatching gangs of faceless thugs and henchmen a joy.


Rated 4.5, $19.99 on Humble Bundle

With the original Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya essentially invented the sleek, character-action game genre. With Bayonetta, the iconic Twitter provocateur boosted the genre alongside PlatinumGames. You become a feisty witch that viciously dispatches angels with attacks braided from her own hair. Don’t be fooled by the grandiose tone; in order to survive and preserve your fashionable edge, you must learn the sophisticated and diversified battle system.

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina
Rated 3.5, $59.99 on Steam

Giant robots enhance any gaming experience, even video games. Daemon Ex Machina is a modern twist on classic mech action. You fight mechanical opponents in beautiful, stylized battlegrounds, armed with weapons, missiles, and the rare electric blade. Gather new equipment from slain adversaries and customize your mech for the next mission after each combat.

Darksiders III

Rated 3.5, $19.99 on Amazon

The original Darksiders expertly combined Zelda-style adventures, God of War-style combat, and a wealth of backstory that would humble Doom. This heinous heritage lives on in Darksiders III, where you play Fury, the Horsewoman of the Apocalypse. Darksiders III, inspired by recent Souls games, focuses on violent fights with tiny bands of enemies rather than indiscriminately exterminating massive hordes.

Devil May Cry 5

Rated 4.5, $39.99 on Humble Bundle

After Ninja Theory’s divisive reinvention, “Devil May Cry 5” returns to the series’ roots. This time, you can take control of three different characters—Dante, Nero, and the newcomer V—as you combat swarms of demons. The game, which is powered by Capcom’s RE Engine, has spectacular visuals and severe challenges, making it a must-play for long-time franchise fans.

Knightly Brawls: For Honor

“For Honor” is a video game that immerses players in intense knightly brawls, set in a fictional world where three factions – Knights, Vikings, and Samurai – engage in epic battles for dominance. Released by Ubisoft, the game emphasizes a unique combat system that requires players to strategically block, parry, and counter-attack in duels or large-scale skirmishes. With a rich narrative and diverse character classes, players experience the challenges of warfare and honor as they strive for victory in this action-packed, multiplayer-focused gaming experience.

Cyberpunk Blade Runner: Ghostrunner


If you like the cyberpunk look, “Ghostrunner” will take you to a future when you’ll leap across high-tech arenas, slicing adversaries with a katana. But there’s a catch: if you take one hit, you’re back where you started. The punishing gameplay may not always mesh with the inherently unsettling first-person platforming and combat controls, but when everything comes together, there are few games that provide a more gratifying experience.

Norse Mythology Reimagined: God of War

The legendary “God of War” series returns with a new spin on Norse mythology. Kratos is older, wiser, and more mature, navigating a world far apart from the Greek gods he once tried to dethrone. Combat has developed, becoming more systematic while remaining satisfying. Kratos’ trusty magic axe is still a flexible weapon in his inventory, allowing for inventive fighting moves. These modifications give the franchise new life, making it a must-play for both newbies and long-time fans.

A Journey Through Hell: Hellblade – Senua’s Sacrifice

“Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” is an emotional and psychological odyssey as much as a game. Ninja Theory, recognized for its robust combat systems, provides an experience that extends beyond gameplay. You’ll discover the depths of the human psyche as you travel across the ancient Celtic and Norse kingdoms. This game, masterfully played by Melina Juergens, shines light on the main character’s mental health difficulties, giving it a distinct and effective addition to the action genre.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mayhem: Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush” debuted with an unexpected blend of comic book images, rhythm-based action, and campy humor. You play as Chai, a wannabe rock star with a music player implanted in his chest, in this game. Chaos occurs when he fights to the beat of the music. Explore Vandelay Campus, smashing robotic sentries and battling outlandish bosses as you try to solve the mystery of mind-controlling robotic prosthetics. It’s a thrilling adventure full of heart-pounding music and mayhem.

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn” created waves as one of the PlayStation 4’s prime exclusives, and the Complete Edition now allows PC gamers to join the experience. Put yourself in the shoes of Aloy, a fearless hunter in a post-apocalyptic world infested by artificial creatures. The game features a large open world with beautiful visuals, and there’s much more to explore with The Frozen Wilds DLC. Since its first release, the PC edition has experienced major enhancements, providing a deep and immersive post-apocalyptic journey.

Ninja Showdown: Ninja Gaiden – Master Collection

Ninja Gaiden” was a trendsetter in the action game genre when it was rebooted for the original Xbox, and now, the Master Collection is finally available for PC players. It includes “Ninja Gaiden Sigma,” “Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2,” and “Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.” These games feature a unique combat system with branching combos, stun states, and tight controls, offering a challenging experience that sets them apart from contemporaries. If you crave action-rich and demanding gameplay, the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is a must-try, despite its flaws.

Samurai Showdown: Nioh 2 – Complete Edition

Nioh 2” is an exciting action game with harsh fighting, stat-rich RPG aspects, and gear-based character upgrades. Set in a demon-infested Sengoku-era Japan, you’ll engage in thrilling combat with a diverse arsenal of weapons, powerful magic spells, and demonic abilities. The game has a lot of replay value, so it may keep you entertained for hours.

Artistic Adventure: Okami HD

Okami HD” is a stunning high-definition port of the famous action-adventure game that first appeared on the PlayStation 3. You take on the role of Amaterasu, a goddess reborn as a white wolf on an epic quest to rid the land of a wicked curse. The game’s distinct art style is inspired by traditional Japanese Sumi-e painting, resulting in a visual masterpiece. You use celestial powers with the Celestial Brush to revitalize the world and fight adversaries. “Okami HD” provides a peaceful yet hard experience ideal for anyone wanting a mix of action, puzzle-solving, and creative delight.

2023’s Epic Samurai Saga: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” is another action masterpiece from FromSoftware. Set in a reconstructed Sengoku period Japan, you take on the character of the Wolf, a shinobi. You’ll face both human and supernatural opponents in a gorgeously designed open world, armed with a katana, a grappling hook, and prosthetic gadgets. The emphasis on parrying, dodging, and precision combat techniques in the game tests your ability to master the art of the blade. It’s a thrilling and fulfilling experience for those who appreciate a good challenge.

The Apocalypse Returns: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus” is a timeless classic that has been updated with breathtaking visuals and improved quality of life. This action-adventure game transports you to a strange, forbidden place where you must combat sixteen enormous beings in order to save a sacrificed loved one. As you explore a calm but barren planet, you will experience an unmatched sensation of vastness, amazement, and adventure. The basic style of the game allows for a deep and emotional connection to its setting and tale.

Undead Apocalypse: Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village” is the latest entry in Capcom’s venerable horror-action franchise. As Ethan Winters, you will explore a secret village populated by weird beasts and terrifying beings. The game’s combination of action and survival horror is flawless, providing both an interesting storyline and heart-pounding moments. “Resident Evil Village” is a riveting experience from start to finish, thanks to the debut of Lady Dimitrescu, one of gaming’s most iconic antagonists.

Embark on an Epic Journey

As the gaming industry changes, the PC platform remains a hotspot for fantastic action games. There’s something for every action gaming enthusiast, whether you want the adrenaline rush of furious fighting, the exploration of finely built open landscapes, or the challenge of strategic gameplay.

In the world of PC action games, the year 2023 promises to bring fascinating experiences and intense confrontations. The options range from ancient mythology to future realms, from sword-wielding warriors to supernatural investigators.

It’s now your turn to dive into these great action games and enjoy the excitement, difficulty, and wonder they have to offer. Prepare to wield your sword, cast spells, or embark on a galactic adventure – the world of PC action gaming awaits you.

This is just a taste of what’s to come, and the game industry is always evolving, creating new and inventive experiences. So, fire up your gaming machine, connect with your friends, and prepare to go on epic adventures in the world of PC action games in 2023 and beyond. Your next epic gaming adventure awaits.